Paper Diamonds is passionate about creating custom-designed, well thought out weddings in Bali, Indonesia. If you're also excited about a creative challenge, then we will be your biggest supporter and we will endeavour to help you get there every step of the way with a full service destination wedding planning team of experienced wedding planners, designers, artists, painters, illustrators and florists. Collectively our small but committed team have more than 15 years of events experience between them and a huge portion of that is in Bali itself which means relationships with the best vendors in town are fully established and supported. 

When you contact us for an obligation free enquiry, you will receive a personalised email from Natalie to discuss your vision. A grace period ensures giving both parties a chance to get to know each other before committing to planning one of the most important celebrations of your life. We take a limited amount of full service weddings a year so we can put all our energy into creating these special few. The fun part of initial planning happens when visions match and personalities sync. Because at the end of the day it's all about trust.

We aim to create memories that will last a lifetime, images that you can always go back to with the fondest of memories. We do that by helping you manage your budget, find & negotiate the best terms with your suppliers and create your very own personal style board. We talk about all of that over Skype, emails and whenever possible, in person, on-site, in Bali. 




Our Founder and Creative Director, Natalie Palmer, holds a Bachelor of Design from Edith Cowan University, and after graduating, landed a job at a prestigious Australian wedding publication, where she excelled as an Art Director for the next four years. Having planned her own destination wedding in Bali in 2010 while still working for the magazine, Natalie has first hand experience of the Bride's perspective and takes this into account with each wedding she helps plan. Being half-Indonesian and half-Australian means she speaks both Indonesian and English fluently, which helps when it comes to planning things locally. She believes in art, design and memorable moments and the team she has pulled together as well as the vendors she regularly shares her day with, resonate with this vision. 


With Natalie leading a strong team of designers, florists and planners, each event becomes a benchmark for the next. Working from their respective strengths, the team is committed to a open communication system and continually learning from each other. They all closely work with you to confirm every detail; from working with you on the style of your wedding stationery, flowers and table linen colour to ensuring everyone is getting picked up on the night, the right menus are served to the right people and every speech is accounted for right. Together, the entire team ensure that the whole wedding works as one vision, and that your perfect day becomes a reality.

Natalie Palmer with husband  Xav Tin  and  their children Akira, Max & Remi. Image shot by  Andreas Permadi  of  Axioo

Natalie Palmer with husband Xav Tin and  their children Akira, Max & Remi. Image shot by Andreas Permadi of Axioo



We are inspired by art. Wild, tamed, outrageous, art. We are moved by music. The studio is usually blaring some kind of jam. We love Netflix. We discuss plot twists, bad dialogue and study incredible set designs. We are nerds. We obsess over our favourites, look for more favourites, we research new techniques, concepts & ideas, we read articles, books and on occasion manuals. We create. We make things, we tinker, we paint, we make messes, laugh, cry and take a ton of photos of the mess we make.

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This took quite some time. 2 years to be exact. Finding the right name was very important to Natalie as it is the first thing anyone hears or sees when they first come across us and we wanted something fun, unique and wedding-related.

The name relates to the the wedding industry in two different ways. Paper is traditionally given as the first wedding anniversary gift and diamonds at the wonderful celebration of 60 years of marriage. Natalie started in print media and graphic design so it's also an ode to her background and where this passion has taken her. 


In the very early years of Paper Diamonds designing was a challenge. The island of Bali had minimal options and for tableware - nil. Instead of accepting this situation, Natalie began purchasing perfect pieces to the delight of her wedding clients. Before long the collection grew she accumulated a warehouse of amazing items in bulk. They opened their warehouse doors in early 2017 to all the wedding planners, stylists, event specialists, restaurants and direct-to-client to create their second passion project. 

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